About Us

Dr. Adolfo Molina MD

I’m Dr. Adolfo Molina, I accepted the Lord in 1978, the same year that I graduated from medical school. I did my residency in the city of Buffalo, NY from 1981-1984 . Upon completion of my residency, I started a medical practice in the city of Chicago and worked there from 1985 to 1997.

While in Chicago I also worked in Norwegian American Hospital, St. Elizabeth Hospital, H. Water Hospital, St Josephs Hospital, and St. Anthony Hospital . I also conducted house calls and attended at nursing homes.

In the year 2000 I moved to the state of Georgia looking for warmer weathers . When I first arrived in Georgia I worked with other physician around the city of Atlanta .  In 2003 the lord allowed me to start my own practice in the City of Chamblee where I practice to this day.

I thrive myself in above all things pleasing my Lord Jesus Christ and that is why Consultorio Medico Hispano has been devoted to God from its inception . Every day we present and dedicate our work day to the Lord . God is the only true healer and we are just instruments the Lord uses to cure patients.